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Little Bamboo Foundation

Development through education in the Philippines
We are a Filipino charity foundation registered in 2003 with a solid track record and roughly 600 beneficiaries with children from the slums of Cebu’s harbor. Our qualified team of 15 Filipinos & a 9-member board runs a preschool, a scholarship, and a family development program.

Following a curriculum centered on the needs of children growing in the slums, that was created by an expert educational consultant.

Supporting and closely following up on our children in the public education system after they have left the Little Bamboo pre-school 

Reinforcing the link between parents and children and fostering responsible parenthood to maximise our impact

Development and Education

  • Pre-school adapted to the needs ca 150 children

  • Sponsorship of ca 450 elementary & high school students

  • Family development program supporting and fostering responsible parenthood

Emergency Programs

  • Child-care centre

  • Supporting elderly people

Overview of the Programs

Our Philosophy

The parents of Little Bamboo children can give them a good education irrespective of their poverty.
By taking part in our program, families commit to either making a small financial contribution, or spending time supporting the school.

Meet the Team

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