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Here are heartfelt testimonials from our esteemed sponsors, who have wholeheartedly partnered with and supported Little Bamboo Foundation. Their generous contributions have been instrumental in empowering our mission and making a significant positive impact in the lives of many.
Little Bamboo Foundation

“Little Bamboo is one of those rare organisations that truly changes children’s lives. Not just in tiny degrees, but dramatically - giving them hope and prospects where previously they had none. What the team has achieved, despite limited resources, has been stunning. It has been a great pleasure for us to be associated with this project. Many thanks to you all!”

Cope Family, London

“Happy to be associated with Little Bamboo. I thought it was very easy to donate and user friendly"

Helene Isselstein, London

“Little Bamboo is a wonderful, pragmatic, efficient organization. It provides young children in need with a solid education base and great opportunities for their life.”

Didier Cherpitel, Geneva Former General Secretary of Red Cross International

“Das hier ist keine abstrakte Organisation, kein Hilfswerk, null Alibi-Charity für weltanschauliche Gruppen. Es sind Kinder, in einer großartigen Stadt, die ich kenne, denen von großartigen Menschen, die ich kenne in einer kleinen, überschaubaren Einrichtung genau die Unterstützung bekommen, die sie benötigen”

Johannes Kram, Berlin

“For some birthdays, instead of receiving gifts from their friends, our children will choose to organise a collection for the school. We are kept informed of the progress on a regular basis, receiving reports, drawings and photos of the Little Bamboo children. I am also involved with several other charities and must say that Little Bamboo is very well organised and extremely efficient.”

Jean-René, his son Alexis and the Saillard family, Geneva

My One Hundred and One Reasons
Ravelyn, Former Coordinator

My one hundred and one reasons why not only I have worked with Little Bamboo, but why I loved working with it:

1. It has a heart When Anne de Vesian interviewed me I have felt her true compassion and love to our deprived Filipino children. And I could not help but be mesmerised by her sincerest desire to give them equal opportunities in life and free themselves from the quagmire of inhereted poverty. And then when I met majority of the board, foreign and Filipino alike, I could see the same kind of heart. And that heart extends to its staff as it truly cares for the welfare and wellbeing of the staff at all levels of position.​

100. Its programs, which are interdependent, are innovative and time appropriate or significant as our country needs a holistic and socio-culturally based children's program. Specifically, the foundation's early childhood care and development program is at the forefront of developing and implementing a quality, holistic, socio-culturally based and developmentally appropriate curriculum otherwise available only to the upper classes.​

To cite: the department of education has just mandated the institutionalization of the mother tongue as medium of instruction under its K+12 program and the emphasis of play and creativity in the kindergarten classroom; methods and practises which little bamboo has been using for the past 10 years!

101. Little Bamboo had been my HOME for almost 7 years. A home where I learned to learn from my mistakes, outgrew my weaknesses, strengthen my strengths, appreciate contradictions and differences, and celebrated successes with the team.​

Supporting Little Bamboo Foundation
Your donation can help us reach more children in need and give them a chance to build a brighter future. Every little bit counts, and your contribution can make a big difference. Join us in making the world a better place, one child at a time. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.
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