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PRE-SCHOOL ~150 children

  • Following a curriculum centered on the needs of a child, that was created by an expert educational consultant

  • Helping children overcome developmental difficulties, assisted by psychologists and using occupational therapy

  • Preparing for a successful transition into the public school system

  • Giving daily meals and medical assistance

SCHOLARSHIP ~450 children

  • Helping children in the public education system after they have left the Little Bamboo pre-school

  • Financing their tuition fees, organising school support, cultural activities and sports

  • Minimising the children’s exposure to drugs, violence and prostitution

  • Benefiting from the experience and financial help of Enfants du Mekong


  • Reinforcing the link between parents and children and fostering responsible parenthood

  • Reaching the whole family through the child

  • Helping families in distress through one/one meetings, seminars on children rights, basic medical care and nutrition advice, basic livelihood workshps


  • Little Bamboo only finances but does not operate this program

  • Sister Anne, an Irish Catholic nun who works near Little Bamboo, operates with our help:

    • Baby-care centre to enable mothers to go to work

    • Support for elderly people (nutrition, communication ... ).

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