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Quotes and Comments

From sponsors
From staff members

Cope Family, London

Little Bamboo is one of those rare organisations that truly changes children’s lives.  Not just in tiny degrees, but dramatically - giving them hope and prospects where previously they had none.  What the team has achieved, despite limited resources, has been stunning. It has been a great pleasure for us to be associated with this project.  Many thanks to you all!


Didier Cherpitel, Geneva

Former General Secretary of Red Cross International

Little Bamboo is a wonderful, pragmatic, efficient organization. It provides young children in need with a solid education base and great opportunities for their life.


Jean-René, his son Alexis and the Saillard family, Geneva

For some birthdays, instead of receiving gifts from their friends, our children will choose to organise a collection for the school. We are kept informed of the progress on a regular basis, receiving reports, drawings and photos of the Little Bamboo children. 

I am also involved with several other charities and must say that Little Bamboo is very well organised and extremely efficient.


Helene Isselstein, London

Happy to be associated with Little Bamboo. I thought it was very easy to donate and user friendly


Johannes Kram, Berlin

Das hier ist keine abstrakte Organisation, kein Hilfswerk, null Alibi-Charity für weltanschauliche Gruppen. Es sind Kinder, in einer großartigen Stadt, die ich kenne, denen von großartigen Menschen, die ich kenne in einer kleinen, überschaubaren Einrichtung genau die Unterstützung bekommen, die sie benötigen...MORE

From the founder

How it all started, by Anne de Vesian von Bredow

Little Bamboo has been the most fulfilling project I have ever worked on.

In 2002, I knew I had been extremely privileged to have loving parents, and to grow up in a prosperous country such as France. I was 26 and had been an analyst for a stockbroker for four years, working long hours, and earning a good salary. I was looking for a greater purpose when I decided to do something that would change my life, and open my eyes and heart to the lives of those less privileged.

To cut a long story short, I applied to Enfants du Mekong, a French NGO sending volunteers to Asia. They asked me to raise money for my mission, which was to take care of a boarding house for college students sponsored by them.

Doing so I met one of the chief executives of a company I used to cover as an analyst. He asked me to set up an independent organization centered on education in Cebu.  Working with young kids was my dream....

It is incredible that when you are on the “right” track, everything falls into place.  We observed the people in the port area – who were receiving very little support at that time - to understand what their needs were. Then, money flowed (thanks to incredibly generous sponsors), fantastic people came together, we found a piece of land…and Little Bamboo was born. We started in a bamboo hut, and a year later moved to a proper school.  That was already 10 years ago!

After almost 2 years in Cebu, I came back home. My father convinced me that I could be more helpful to the foundation from Europe (raising funds). I went back to finance and started a family. But part of my heart remains in the slums of Cebu, reminding me that we all connected and that we can all do something, even it is very, very small.


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