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Partners and Sponsors


* The French supermarket chain Casino supported the project for the first five years


* Enfants du Mekong is a French charity that helps us run and finance the scholarship program


* The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation and the Aboitiz Foundation significantely support us financially !

* Ashurst in Germany is helping us with our legal questions and donated one full year of feeding program for the pre school !

* The Cebu Learning Center has always been there, organising the repainting of our walls and yearly memorable christmas parties for our children


* The Saint Joseph Foundation has also been helping us


* Coup de Pouce humanitaire sent a team of volunteers to renovate our school


* University of Cebu provided us with Computers


* Waterfront hotels donated furniture


* Pfizer and Knowles Electronics organised an outreach program for Little Bamboo

* Other Companies have made regular donations


* We are working hand in hand with local GOs and NGOs:

- DSWD (social welfare),

- Department of Education

- Cebu City task force



INDIVIDUALS (among others)


* The Cope family have been supporting Little Bamboo for over 7 years financially and operationally, and also organised a fantastic concert in London

* The Lhuillier family also give a significant contribution !


Didier Cherpitel, former General Secretary of Red Cross International

  • Little Bamboo is a wonderful, pragmatic, efficient organization. It provides young children in need with a solid education base and great opportunities for their life.


* Jean René, his son Alexis and the Saillard family

  • For some birthdays, instead of receiving gifts from their friends, our children will choose to organise a collection for the school. We are kept informed of the progress on a regular basis, receiving reports, drawings and photos of the Little Bamboo children. 

  • I am also involved with several other charities and must say that LB is very well organised and extremely efficient.


* Helene Isselstein "Happy to be associated with Little Bamboo. I thought it was very easy to donate and user friendly"


* Steffen Walter and the Bauhaus AG and his friends cycled over the Alps for us...

* Corinna and Cica Schuette organised fund raising dinner parties among their friends and have always supported us.


And many others... who we do not forget but may not wish to appear online







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