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Why the Pier in Cebu City?

  • Cebu has over one million inhabitants and is one of the busiest harbours in the country

  • In the slums, there is no water, no electricity and low hygiene

  • The average income is below poverty level

  • The combination of these three factors leads to violence, drugs, prostitution and child neglect


In the slums, children are the first victims

  • They experience malnutrition, illness

  • They lack of basic care, and often do not receive any formal education

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About us

We started in July 2002 with clear objectives

  • Supporting the children in the harbour of Cebu City through early education

  • Involving the parents in their children’s education and fostering responsible parenthood


Why Little Bamboo ?

  • Bamboos grow in Asia

  • Bamboos are very useful

  • Bamboos are strong but also flexible!

  • May our children be like little bamboos

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